the coastline of Onibushi near Itoigawa


Coastline of Onibushi near Itoigawa

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Coastline of Onibushi near Itoigawa

National Highway Route 8 is a long road from Kyoto has continued to Niigata.
National Highway Route 8 in Itoigawa City is running along the coastline of the Sea of Japan the majority.

Horizontal line running from the Sea of Japan the right direction and get Joetsu, mountains and rich natural left-handed people can enjoy the superb view is the root.
Route 8 and has been running parallel with the JR Hokuriku Line.

This photo is taken in a village called Onibushi.
Onibushi village in the foreground, look at the far right and is Itoigawa harbor and Itoigawa town.

The difficult part of the National Highway Route 8 over and finally Itoigawa "Oyashirazu" will continue to.