the coastline of Onibushi near Itoigawa

A view on the coastline of Onibushi near Itoigawa. / For more information see 〔Introduction to Itoigawa

Until gauze clothes are made at BISOU IGARASHI.

Embodying the dreams of women through elegant fashion

blouse, made by BISOU IGARASHI Fashion is truly a wonder.

With just a single blouse you can feel brand new and reborn in your heart as if by magic.

Fashion is about dreaming.

To be always able to create women's dreams.
We at BISOU IGARASHI produce elegant items in aim to express this wish.

We at BISOU IGARASHI have two things we are especially proud of.

We are proud of Itoigawa, a place where we are based. Having rare and invaluable soil that contains Fossa Magna, and surrounded by the Sea of Japan, many mountains, valleys and hotsprings, Itoigawa boasts rich nature that has been acknowledged for the first time in Japan as the World Geopark.

Itoigawa coastline

And we are proud of our local employees, who pursue high quality and skill in their everyday work here. Being proud of this land and the work we do is what makes us confident to introduce great products to our customers.