Introduction of factory facilities

Exclusively home production guarantees safety and high quality

Headquarters factory Our company has gained rich experience in the production of high-grade women's apparel through over 40 years of its history of home production.
Our made in Japan clothes are manufactured with high speed and quality, and guaranteed to satisfy our customers due to strict production control.

Fast production accomplished with all-automatic system and own factory manufacturing

CAM(Computer Aided Machine) Using CAD and CAM allows us to send plans and designs via e-mail, which helps to speed up and considerably shorten all processes from sample making to cutting.

Compared with the cutting done by hand, automatism allows to reduce space between parts, making it possible to use material to its utmost width.

All of the above mentioned enables us to handle large orders for 1000 items in as quick as two weeks to three weeks.

Production capacity
Maximum production
About 650 / day
Monthly production
About 14,000 / month
About 170,000 / year
Subcontract factory