Three main characteristics of our company

Our products are manufactured in Japan

Pure home production by captive factory Our home factory and cooperating factories are all located in Itoigawa in Niigata, Japan. The manufacturing and shipment is carried out under strict production control, which guarantees the stability of our quality.

Over 40 years since founding

BISOU IGARASHI CO.,Ltd. Over 40 years since its foundation in 1967 we have gained rich experience in business dealings wit such major companies as Nisshinbo Co., Ltd., SANEI International, and Mitsukoshi. We therefore can assure our first-time customers of our reliability.

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Quick delivery for large quantity orders

Mass production is technology that achieves the quick turn. With production capacity of 14000 items per month, we can accept orders for 1000 items in two to three weeks.
Also, our highly skilled professionals are able to produce samples of various designs and materials according to your wishes.