the coastline of Onibushi near Itoigawa



BISOU IGARASHI CO.,Ltd. and gauze clothing brand shop ao Daikanyama will exhibit for the first time at the MAISON & OBJET 2010 exhibition in Paris.

MAISON & OBJET is a big trade where interior design, furniture and fashion companies gather to exhibit twice a year.

A lot of japanese companies are participating in this exhibition. Our company joined it for the first time.

We hope that the genteleness of our gauze clothes will be appreciated by the people from all over the world.

MAISON&OBJET official site (in French)

MAISON&OBJET exhibitor catalog (in English and French/JETRO)

Launched a website of BISOU IGARASHI

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I was going to establish the website to tell the introduction of our needlework technology and the charm of local Itoigawa to everybody more than BISOU IGARASHI CO.,Ltd. this time. 

After it establishes it in BISOU IGARASHI CO.,Ltd. and 1967, the quality of the first class and the technology of the first class have always been being pursued in the current. It tries for a certain product-making to play a part to support the fashion industry that makes woman's dream. 

Technological person from whom each one answers trust. An original sewing management system is produced by the personnel training over many fields and concentrating staff's all one's energy. 

Sun will introduce people to his website slide into our evolution.

The mind of the person who dresses is delivered, and it importantly entrusts the dream to one blouse, and we will deliver an elegant fashion. 

It is thought that it can introduce the appearance of our company that evolves on a website here every day.